Clemencic Consort

The Clemencic Consort is an early-music ensemble comprised of international artists under the direction of René Clemencic. It performs in varying combinations of voices and instruments, depending on the programme.

Singers and instrumentalists from around the world have made it their task to interpret music from the Middle Ages to the Baroque period on historical instruments. They set great store on lively authenticity, but at the same time they consciously avoid "the wagging finger". The programmes are structured in such a way that they convey a colourful overall impression of the respective period.

Since 1966 René Clemencic has been responsible for the Musica Antiqua concert cycle of the Society of Friends of Music in Vienna. He has released more than 100 records and CDs, some of which have won such international prizes as the Edison, Grand Prix du Disque, Diapason d’Or and Prix Cecilia.

The Clemencic Consort devotes particular attention to the production of Baroque operas, in both staged and concert performances.

The Clemencic Consort has made many works from earlier periods accessible to a wider audience, often for the first time.

A characteristic feature of the ensemble is its varying composition and size, which can range from two to 50 performers.

P R O G R A M M E   S E L E C T I O N

* = CD
MP3 audio sample (1,5 MB) = Click here for audio sample


Flauto magico: René Clemencic as a soloist on various r e c o r d e r s : music from the Middle Ages to the Avantgarde, , i.e. gemshorn, double flute, garkleinflötlein, one-hand flute, medieval, Renaissance and Baroque flutes, played and commentated by René Clemencic, a programme much loved by the audience.  MP3 audio sample (1,5 MB)

René Clemencic on the c l a v i c h o r d , the most quiet, expressive and delicate of all keyboard instruments, again with personal commentary. Unknown masterpieces of the Renaissance: 17 different programmes (e.g. Cabezón, F. da Milano, Josquin, Luys Milan).  MP3 audio sample (1,8 MB)  MP3 audio sample (2,6 MB)  MP3 audio sample (2,9 MB)  MP3 audio sample (2,4 MB)  MP3 audio sample (1,9 MB)

*1x2, 1x3 CDs (Arte Nova)

DUO ORIENT-OKZIDENT: René Clemencic on various flutes and Esmail Vasseghi, an excellent Persian musician, playing the santur (Persian dulcimer) and tombak (Persian goblet drum).  MP3 audio sample (2,9 MB)  MP3 audio sample (0,6 MB)

MEDIEVAL TRIO I and II / Music of the Middle Ages between Christianity and Islam: hurdy-gurdy and voice added, two different programmes depending on the casting.  MP3 audio samplel (2,5 MB)  MP3 audio sample (4,8 MB)  MP3 audio sample (2,8 MB)

M U S I C  O F  T H E  M I D D L E  A G E S

* Carmina Burana , 13th century original version, one of our most popular and successful programmes - 6 musicians.  MP3 audio sample (3,4 MB)  MP3 audio sample (2,5 MB)  MP3 audio sample (3,7 MB)  MP3 audio sample (6,5 MB)  MP3 audio sample (4,5 MB)  MP3 audio sample (2,6 MB)  MP3 audio sample (3,9 MB)  MP3 audio sample (3,4 MB)  MP3 audio sample (8,1 MB)  MP3 audio sample (4,9 MB)

* Asinaria Festa , 12th century, medieval offices and feasts of fools on the day of the subdeacon, turning values upside down, like airing wine casks once a year to avoid their blowing up - 9 musicians.  MP3 audio sample (2,6 MB)

* Chantar d'Amors / Music of the troubadours of Provence - 7 musicians.

* Las Cantigas de Santa Maria by Alfonso El Sabio, Rey de Castilia - 7 musicians.

* Le Roman de Fauvel , a bitter satire criticizing the intolerable conditions at the court of the French kings and the papal court of Avignon; composed between 1310 and 1316 in Paris - 10 musicians.

Occidental, Hungarian, Turkish and Persian ballads, songs and dances from the

13th to the 17th centuries - 8-9 musicians


* La Messe de Nostre Dame by Guillaume de Machault : 12 musicians

(4 singers, hurdy-gurdy/voice, kobos/chitarra saracena/lute/guimbard, lyra/rubebe/fiddle, shawm/recorder, tromba angelica, cornett/bagpipe tromba marina, percussion/carillon, dulcimer/percussion). Local Choral Schola & church choir of 30-40 people. Choreographed feast in the honour of St. Mary.  MP3 audio sample (2,6 MB)

* Magnificat, Hymni, Motetti by G. Dufay : 3 singers, cornett, positive organ.  MP3 audio sample (1,6 MB)  MP3 audio sample (2,9 MB)

* John Dunstable / Sacred music of the English late Gothic : 3 singers, positive organ.

* J. Ockeghem / Missa sine nomine ; 3 singers, Renaissance trombone, positive organ.  MP3 audio sample (2,6 MB)

J. Ockeghem / Requiem: 5 singers, cornett, 3 Renaissance trombones, timpani, pos. organ.

Sacred music of the Netherlands from Gothic to early Renaissance / J. Obrecht and A. Willaert : 4 singers, cornett, positive organ.

Music at the Cathedral of Notre-Dame in Paris / Perotinus Magnus (c. 1200): 4 singers, 3 carillon players, positive organ.

Josquin Despretz / Motets for the liturgical year : 5 singers, 3 Renaissance trombones, positive organ.

* La Messe de Tournai / Sacred music of the late Middle Ages: 4 singers, positive organ, cornett, carillon.

* Music at the Imperial Court Chapel of Emperor Maximilian I in Vienna / Josquin, Isaac, Senfl. Participants: Choral Schola of the Vienna Imperial Court Chapel, members of the Vienna Boys' Choir (about 16 singers); Clemencic Consort (cornett, 3 Renaissance trombones, positive organ).  MP3 audio sample (0,9 MB)  MP3 audio sample (2,2 MB)

De profundis / Franco-flemish Motets of the High Renaissance: Josquin, Obrecht, de la Rue and others , with the same participants.

A lively and amusing RENAISSANCE programme is Ein Aussbund teutscher Liedlein zu singen und auff allerley Instrument zu gebrauchen (a profusion of German songs accompanied by diverse instruments) - 10 musicians.



* Laudate pueri:

I Arias, Duets and Pastoral Songs / H. Schütz, G. Cavazzoni, C. Monteverdi, L. da Viadana, G. Finetti etc. – Sprano, counter-tenor, harpsichord / positive organ / different recorders

II Arias, Duets and Pastoral Songs for Voice and Baroque instruments: soprano, counter-tenor, Baroque guitar, violone, bagpipe, positive organ / harpsichord / different recorders

A. Vivaldi / La Stravaganza : Concerti, suonate, sinfonie. 5 Baroque string instruments, harpsichord / positive organ. * Demo CD

Marco Uccellini / Compositioni armoniche sopra il violino ed altri strumenti: a highly virtuoso programme. Cornett, 2 Baroque violins, Baroque cello, recorder, positive organ / harpsichord.

Virtuoso Baroque music from Austria / Schmelzer, Biber, Corbetta, Caldara, Perrone, Fux: Baroque violins, Baroque guitar, harpsichord / positive organ / recorder.

Dal povero mio cor / Arie amorose : Lanzetti, Caldara, Zamboni, Veracini, Porpora, Scarlatti . Mezzo soprano, recorder / harpsichord, chitarrone, Baroque cello.

Ardo, sospiro e piango: love songs, arias and duets of the Italian late Baroque: Steffani, Ruvo, Stradella, Galilei, Gianoncelli - 1 male and 1 female soprano, lute, Baroque cello, harpsichord.

Soavi Concerti / Cantate, arie, madrigali, motetti, sinfonie e ricercari : 17th century music Frescobaldi, Caccini, Carissimi, Gabrielli, Granata , presenting a stunning Roumanian male soprano; Baroque guitar, Baroque cello, positive organ / harpsichord, recorder.

* J. J. Fux / Concentus musico-instrumentalis : Baroque string quintet, harpsichord / positive organ.  MP3 audio sample (1,7 MB)  MP3 audio sample (1,6 MB)

* J. J. Fux / Requiem for emperor Karl (Charles) VI. 7 singers, Baroque string quintet, 2 trombones, positive organ  MP3 audio sample (4,8 MB)

J. J. Fux / Il Testamento del nostro Signor Gesù Cristo sul Calvario (oratorio)

* H. I. F. von Biber / Mensa Sonora: 4 Baroque strings, 2 clarion trumpets, harpsichord / positive organ

* H. I. F. von Biber / Sonatae tam aris quam aulis servientes 6 strings, 2 clarion trumpets, harpsichord / positive organ

 MP3 audio sample (0,5 MB)

* H. I. F. von Biber / Harmonia artificiosa-ariosa : 4 strings, chitarrone, harpsichord / positive organ  MP3 audio sample (2,1 MB)

* H. I. F. von Biber / Fidicinium sacro-profanum 6 strings, harpsichord / positive organ  MP3 audio sample (3,5 MB)

Music at the Imperial Court of Karl (Charles) VI. / A. Caldara – Counter-tenor, 4 Baroque strings, Baroque guitar, harpsichord

F. Geminiani / Sonate e Concerti grossi: 7 Baroque strings, harpsichord / positive organ


O Austria Gaude* is a large festival programme of music at the Habsburg Court in Vienna which includes compositions by the emperors Leopold I and Joseph I . Demo CD  MP3 audio sample (1,7 MB)  MP3 audio sample (2,6 MB)

Music at the Vienna Imperial Court / Fux, Caldara, Schmelzer, emperor Joseph I, Draghi, emperor Leopold I, Herold and others: soprano, counter-tenor, various recorders / harpsichord, 4 Baroque strings, lute / theorbo

Music composed by Austrian Monarchs / Ferdinand III, Leopold I, Joseph I, all of whom were accomplished composers Soprano, tenor, 4 (and more) Baroque strings, harpsichord / various recorders, Baroque oboe, recorders & percussion

René Clemencic has successfully revived and staged the " Sepolcri " (typically Viennese sacred dramas) composed by Emperor Leopold I , traditionally performed during the last week in Lent when opera was forbidden, e.g.

Il Lutto dell'Universo (the mourning of the Universe), a true church opera requiring a large Baroque orchestra; or Sig des Leydens Christi über die Sinnligkeit (The victory of our Lord's suffering over sensuousness) for a smaller ensemble, equally poignant.  MP3 audio sample (2,6 MB)

* Stabat Mater & Salve Regina by G. B. Pergolesi : 2 singers, 6 instruments  MP3 audio sample (2,3 MB)  MP3 audio sample (2,3 MB)

A. Caldara / Missa dolorosa & Stabat Mater : 8 singers, 9 instruments.

Claudio Monteverdi / Musica Sacra : soprano, counter-tenor, tenor, bass, cornett, 2 Baroque trombones, Baroque violone, positive organ

J. H. Schmelzer / Sacro-profanus Concentus Musicus : 6 strings, viola da gamba, harpsichord / positive organ

G. Muffat / Armonico Tributo : 6 strings, chitarrone, harpsichord / positive organ)

A.Vivaldi / from L'Estro armonico, plus a concerto by Pisendel : 7 strings, harpsichord.

A.Vivaldi / Juditha triumphans: Oratorio

* A. Vivaldi / Serenata a tre  MP3 audio sample (3,6 MB) , and the operas * L'Olimpiade and Orlando

G. Carissimi / Jephte , a programme of Biblical Histories

Pia et fortis mulier / Johann Kaspar Kerll – jesuite opera

Assalone punito / Pietro Andrea Ziani – oratorio / church opera

* Torrejón y Velasco & Calderón de la Barca / La Púrpura de la Rosa (Lima, 1701); first opera in the New World; story of Venus and Adonis.

G. F. Händel / Acis e Galatea ; opera.

* Testoride Argonauta / João de Sousa Carvalho ; a charming Portuguese opera in Italian language

C. Monteverdi / Orfeo and A. Sartorio / Orfeo ; operas.

* T. Albinoni / Il Nascimento de l'Aurora , Festa pastorale / chamber opera (Demo CD)  MP3 audio sample (2,4 MB)



* Kabbala / Oratorio with text in Hebrew (70')  MP3 Hörbeispiel (1,3 MB)

Apokalypsis / the complete Book of Revelations by St. John, set to the original Greek language version (210')  MP3 Hörbeispiel (1,3 MB)

* Drachenkampf / a dance pantomime (74')

* Stabat Mater (35') - first performed in 2001 at the Todi Arte Festival in the context of a

3 Stabat Mater programme: Jacopone da Todi (medieval), Pergolesi (Baroque), Clemencic (contemporary); very well received by the audience!

Der Berg , chamber opera with text by Konrad Bayer (60'). World premiere at Festival Carinthischer Sommer, August 24, 2003. A meditative, almost Zen work. (*Demo CD)  MP3 Hörbeispiel (3,6 MB)  MP3 Hörbeispiel (2,2 MB)  MP3 Hörbeispiel (1,3 MB)

Other compositions include: Unus Mundus  MP3 Hörbeispiel (2,2 MB)  , Missa Mundi  MP3 Hörbeispiel (2,2 MB)   MP3 Hörbeispiel (2,2 MB)   MP3 Hörbeispiel (2,2 MB)  , Estasi , Reise nach Niniveh , the piano trios Jerushalajim  MP3 Hörbeispiel (2,2 MB)   MP3 Hörbeispiel (2,2 MB)  & Das Haus , Der Schlüssel zum Paradies (S, Vl, Pf), Monduntergang / Operelle, Opus for Recorder and Strings  MP3 Hörbeispiel (2,2 MB)  , etc. (*Demo CDs)

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